The first replayable whiteboard for collaboration, Traw

Traw - Replayable whiteboard for remote teams | Product Hunt
Traw - Replayable whiteboard for remote team | Product Hunt

Enhance a discussion with visuals. Share your meeting by recording it.

Use a whiteboard to discuss and work as a team. Play a shared meeting using a link. Voice notes help you be more comfortable navigating a meeting.

Skip non-urgent meeting

🚀 Increase your productivity

After a meeting, it takes more than 23 minutes to get back to work. Hold off on the meeting and work instead.

🎯 Keep track of your meetings

Look over voice notes quickly and playback the essential points. Get meeting details right.

⌚ Independent of time

Do not organize everyone's time. Discuss the meeting and share details when it's convenient for you. Record and send feedback anytime.

Communicate simply but effectively

📆 Lightweight whiteboard

It is a lightweight whiteboard service that uses open source. Use it immediately and efficiently.

🖊 Minimal learning curve

Use simple objects and templates. Use the tool like a pro from the beginning.

💬 When you need a meeting while chatting

Explain your opinion with visuals and audio. Communicate accurately with fewer resources.

Try Traw in this situation

To use more time to focus on your work.

To record the ideas mentioned during brainstorming.

To document system architecture and algorithms with code.

To communicate more efficiently with a remote team.

Get started with Traw now.

Get started with Traw now.

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