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From video recording to editing and sharing. Draw and explain anywhere.

Record online lectures, design, or code reviews on your slides. When the recording is over, AI edits the unspoken parts and adds subtitles. Encoding isn't required, share your video message directly as a link.

Try sending a video message!

Send a video message

🚀 6× faster than typing

Recording a video message is much faster than an email. Communicate your ideas in a short amount of time by recording them on slides.

🎯 Accurate communication

In the video, it's much easier to understand context through the tone of voice. Communicate accurately through the detailed information you can get.

⌚ Time-independent

During busy times, sending a video is the best way to communicate. Replace unnecessary meetings, calls, and emails.

Use in this situation

📆 When Zoom interferes with your work

Exchange ideas without scheduling a meeting. Record your agenda on video and send it to team members.

🖊 When you want to explain while drawing

Report bugs and review design without meeting. Avoid miscommunication by drawing and explaining.

💬 When you need a meeting while chatting

Switch to a real-time meeting at any time. Start a meeting by inviting the team members you need.

How to use

Traw is the fastest way to create video messages. Unlike other services, video messages can be completed with just a few clicks. You can even conduct a real-time meeting while sharing a message.





Traw applies TLS1.2 encryption to the information transmission section, and AES256 encryption is applied to database storage and voice data storage. Database access for management is protected by VPN, and privilege control is applied to individual accounts for essential personnel only. Voice calls and real-time data transmission used during Traw messages and meetings are also provided with TLS encryption in the transmission section and are supplied by SOC2 certified vendors. In addition, the ACL feature allows external participants to a Traw meeting to be allowed or restricted to workspace members.

Record & Edit

💻 Record anywhere

Create a video message right from the web without installing any programs. It is vector-based and can be created on mobile phones as well as low-end computers.

🤖 AI helps you edit

Feel free to make mistakes while recording. AI edits the unspoken parts and creates subtitles when the recording is over.

💡 Record additionally

Don't worry about things you haven't recorded before. An additional recording is easily possible in Traw.

Share & Meet

🔗 Share a message as a link

Videos made with Traw do not require a long encoding time. Share it with your team as a link as soon as you create it.

📨 Invite team members to the meeting

Want to have an additional meeting about video messages? Invite team members to the sent message and continue the meeting as it is.

📁 All meetings are saved

Don't worry about forgetting the meeting. Everything you shared, including audio and subtitles, is saved.

Get started with Traw now.

Get started with Traw now.

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