Why you should choose Traw over Clova Note?

Have you used ClovaNote while conducting an interview or meeting? Have you ever used ClovaNote to take notes while having a meeting with your team members? So, why not try troy instead of clover note?

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Features of Clova Note and Traw

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Clova Note


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Clova Note vs Traw

Clova Note is a meeting minutes service developed by Naver. It analyzes the recorded voice file through artificial intelligence and converts the contents of each speaker into text.

Clova Note will be most useful in offline meetings. If you record and submit an offline meeting to Clova Note, all subtitles are made so you can simply check the contents in chronological order and the summarized meeting minutes. It is also possible to construct more accurate subtitles by picking frequently used words and subjects of interest.

The most significant drawback of Clova Note is that it requires an audio file. Because voice recording is less convenient during teleconferences, it is a challenge. When graphics are added to a meeting or interview, it still does not respond well.

Feature Summary


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