Why you should choose Traw over Freeform?

Features of Freeform and Traw


Real-time Collaboration

Audio Call

Video Call

Record Meeting

Replay Meeting

✅ : Possible / ⚠️ : Partially Possible / ❌ : Impossible

Freeform vs Traw

Freeform is a whiteboard app developed by Apple. It is an app that allows you to share and collaborate with others while using a whiteboard. It is not much different from other whiteboards, but it boasts high compatibility with devices belonging to the Apple ecosystem, such as supporting both FaceTime and phone calls supported by Apple devices, and collaborating by sharing files through airdrop. .

It is also an advantage that any Apple user can use it for free. However, if you belong to someone who does not use Apple, the biggest drawback is that you cannot collaborate through this service.

Feature Summary


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