Why you should choose Traw over Headroom?

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✅ : Possible / ⚠️ : Partially Possible / ❌ : Impossible

Headroom vs Traw

Headroom is a video chat service that provides meeting attendees with real-time scripts and shared notes. You can receive shared notes, videos, search scripts, and more following the meeting. This enables you to remain informed about the meeting's events even if you were unable to attend.

Julian Green, a former Google executive and headroom co-founder, said, "Async is crucial, but more importantly, maintaining continuity between synchronous and asynchronous helps users to select where they want to go." Based on this, Headroom is working on a service that will help people who couldn't make it to the meeting in real time understand what was important about it.

The headroom, though, is still only good for "meeting." Documents organized during the meeting are kept in the conference room. In other words, it doesn't actually expand into work; it merely records, organizes, and makes it possible to check. Headroom is also only a meeting substitute due of its lack of integration.

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