Why should you choose Traw over Loom?

Are you currently using Loom for video messaging? Or have you considered using an asynchronous video messaging service for your company? Let's discuss the advantages of Traw vs Loom.

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Features of Loom and Traw

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Video Record

Video Message

Auto Script

Screen Recording

Presentation Slide

Simple Video Edit

Additional Record

Real-time Recording


Pen Drawing


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Loom vs Traw

Loom is a screen recording service that allows you to deliver what you recorded with a screen to others. The screen is recorded with the spoken words, and the video is processed. You can export loom video to video by trimming sections like other video editing services.

You may watch the shared video whenever you choose, and you can remark and reply with emojis. Since it has been converted to video, however, it is difficult to record directly onto the video. You have no choice but to record a new Loom video as an answer.

One of Loom's significant downsides is that it is difficult to record live talks such as meetings because it deals with video in the form of video. If you need to communicate more than once, you must repeat the procedure of watching and responding to the video or use another service. Additionally, it is almost impossible to record numerous individuals speaking simultaneously, such as in a meeting.

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