Why you should choose Traw over Miro?

Features of Miro and Traw


Real-time Collaboration

Presentation Mode

Various Templates

Functional Integrated Object

Real-time Meeting


Record Meeting

Replay Meeting

✅ : Possible / ⚠️ : Partially Possible / ❌ : Impossible

Miro vs Traw

Miro is currently the most widely used whiteboard collaboration service. By collaborating together on the whiteboard, we have achieved rapid growth through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The best feature of Miro is that it offers a wide variety of templates. In addition to the templates produced by Miro itself, the community is active as people create and share numerous templates. In addition, being able to link with various services is another big strength.

However, Miro supports various types of objects so that various job groups that are not specialized in a specific job group can use the service comfortably. For example, if you use the wireframe library, you can make the wireframe lively by utilizing the action objects used in the application. Also, in the case of Kanban, it can be used like the Kanban of other services, but issues can be linked with other services.

However, because it includes so many features, there is a learning curve when you first start the service, and it is relatively expensive.

Feature Summary


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