Why you should choose Traw over Tape?

Have you ever heard of or used Tape, an asynchronous video message service? Or are you thinking about an asynchronous video message service to use for your business? Let's take a look at the reasons why you should use Traw rather than tape.

Explore the features of each service

Features of Tape and Traw

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Video Record

Video Message

Screen Record

Additional Record

Real-time Multi Record

Video Edit


Auto Script

Pen Drawing

Issue List


Tape vs Traw

Tape is an asynchronous video communication service that allows you to share recorded content with others. The video is processed after the screen and spoken words have been recorded. Instead of being unable to edit videos, numerous video clips can be included in a single meeting record.

You may watch the shared video whenever you choose, and you can remark and reply with emojis. Subtitles or text can be be added to the video later. However, as with Loom, real-time or two-way communication is lacking. Meetings are hard to record since they use video. If communication is needed numerous times, watch and answer the video multiple times or use another service. It is also difficult to record when multiple persons are speaking at the same time.

Feature Summary


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