Why you should choose Traw over WeDesk?

Are you planning to introduce the WeDesk service to share work and communicate with team members? Were you waiting for Early Access? Let's take a look at why you should try Traw before WeDesk.

Explore the features of each service

Features of Headroom and Traw

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Service Launching

WeDesk vs Traw

WeDesk is a business management service developed by Strum. It is a service that allows you to manage team members' schedules, record documents, and conduct voice recordings or meetings on a whiteboard-type canvas.

Being able to communicate and manage responsibilities at the same time can be advantageous. The majority of the communication is about work. However, there may be a drawback as well. Because it is a service similar to the popular GitHub or Slack, the value of using these two services may diminish.

Best of all, WeDesk hasn't launched a service yet. Because it is in the early access stage, even if you like the service, you cannot use it right away.

Feature Summary


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