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Zoom vs Traw

One of the most widely used video conferencing services worldwide is by far Zoom. Multiple users can simply conduct a video conference. Zoom can be used for small business meetings as well as for large-scale events like seminars, depending on the situation.

Zoom's video conferencing is excellent, but the limited ability to create and record subtitles appears to be a disadvantage. To make subtitles, you must first subscribe to an additional service. Supporting subtitles in several languages is good, but paying an extra $5 for each license to view subtitles has both benefits and drawbacks.

It also allows you to preserve recordings, although it has several limits. Zoom videos can be stored either locally or on the cloud. The cost of using the cloud is at least $120 per year. And the cost varies greatly depending on the capacity. The fact that not everything you do in a Zoom conference is saved is another issue. Meeting reactions are excluded and saved when stored in the cloud. Additionally, screen sharing and subtitles are not saved if you save locally, in addition to meeting reactions.

Finally, Zoom cannot escape the confines of video conferencing. Information cannot be communicated asynchronously, thus unless you're investing in the cloud, everyone who needs to participate in the meeting must arrive on time and connect to the same link. As hybrid work becomes a global trend and we work with people from an increasing number of various time zones, it cannot be denied that real-time video conferencing is an inconvenient aspect of keeping up with the times.

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