Release Notes

Provide YouTube summaries

A Chrome extension has been developed to provide a YouTube summary service and make it easier to use.

Introducing Traw AI

To make things more efficient, Traw has built AI into its service. As a result, Traw can automatically output the following for any recording you make

Support Additional language for voice notes

Added more languages to Traw's automatic subtitling service.

Support searching and viewing mode

You can search for meetings you've held with Traw, and we've added video and document view modes to make it easier to revisit meetings.

Support voice recognition post-processing service

The speech recognition service is now slightly more capable, and as you continue with the meeting, the initial recognition will be more accurate. When you replay the meeting, you should now see more accurate subtitles!

Whiteboard reorganization

We've revamped the whiteboard. We've changed the way you use the whiteboard from a slide to an unlimited canvas, so you'll be able to utilize the space you have at your disposal!

Home screen and admin system reorganization

Traw's home screen and management system have been significantly revamped. Check out our channel-based system to see all your related Traws and to-dos at a glance, and our revamped home screen UI to match.

GitHub integration and meeting UI improvements

Traw is now integrated with GitHub. The to-dos you create and manage in Traw are now integrated with GitHub for more efficient task management, and we've improved calls and other tools to make meetings easier.

Added follow-up discussion features and templates

We've added a follow-up discussion feature to help you continue to discuss periodically recurring tasks, and a template feature to support recurring meetings. Make your recurring meetings easier with follow-up discussions and templates!

Service UI/UX updates and speed improvements

We've fixed the slide ratio and preview UI, improved the UX of various services, and overhauled a number of elements to improve service speed. Enjoy the new, more convenient services and improved service speed!

Import slides and add presenter mode

Import slides makes it easy to pull up previous meetings. And check out the new Presenter mode!

Adding and speeding up to-do functionality

Issues brought up in meetings can be registered as to-dos right away, and an internal system overhaul has significantly improved speed.

Add an editing tool and notification

We've improved our editing tools to make it easier for you to say what you want. We've improved usability by integrating recordings and calls, and added notifications.

Slide mode and live call support

Now, instead of randomly piling up information on a large canvas, organize it in an orderly fashion on slides, and have a live call to work through it together.

Real-time document editing and highlighting

Trow is now live. Join us in real-time to record your meetings, and highlight the important stuff for everyone to see.

Support for team collaboration features

We've added workspace areas where you can collaborate with your teammates. Join your teammates in a common area.

Improve recording usability

We've made UI and system improvements to improve your experience when recording a trawl.

Chrome extension and copy as markdown

We've added support for markdown copying and released a Chrome extension to make it even faster and easier to use!