Real-time document editing and highlighting


Trow is now live. Join us in real-time to record your meetings, and highlight the important stuff for everyone to see.

Real-time document editing

People viewing the same document can create a document by adding blocks and modifying the canvas in real-time.

  • Block and canvas edits are automatically saved in real-time.
  • A list of users currently viewing the document appears, indicating whether participants are recording.
  • You can follow a participant's screen by clicking on the participant's profile.
  • You can see participants' mouse pointers in real-time.

New Tool: Highlights

With the highlight tool, you can capture the area you want to highlight on the canvas by selecting it as a rectangle. Captured images are added as blocks and are attached as images when converting markdown.

Fixed bugs and minor updates✨

  • Added block edit and delete functions. You can use it from the More menu that appears when you mouse over a block.
  • Differentiate my blocks and other people's blocks with different colors.

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