Slide mode and live call support


Now, instead of randomly piling up information on a large canvas, organize it in an orderly fashion on slides, and have a live call to work through it together.

Slide mode

We made a 'slide mode' to make the canvas more useful.

Add photos or PDFs, and your slides will be positioned perfectly. You no longer have to move the mouse to find the part you want. You can move through the slides with the mouse wheel and click the desired slide in the left panel to jump directly there.

Live call

Now you can have a perfect remote meeting in Traw!

You can join a call by clicking the call button, and you can see at a glance who is speaking in your profile status, mute status, and more. In addition, all meeting transcripts are saved, and automatically generated audio blocks help quick meeting minutes.

Fixed bugs and minor updates✨

  • Improved drawing usability. Experience a much smoother canvas drawing than ever before.
  • Added pen thickness option.
  • You can select the microphone and output device during a call.
  • Changed the default visibility to all editable.

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