Service UI/UX updates and speed improvements


We've fixed the slide ratio and preview UI, improved the UX of various services, and overhauled a number of elements to improve service speed. Enjoy the new, more convenient services and improved service speed!

Service UI update

The Traw team is continuously improving to ‘simplify the remote work process’. We have updated some interfaces for this.

  • The UI of the document preview has been improved. You can preview slides and tasks without accessing the document.
  • The slides have been modified to a 16:9 ratio. You can use it more familiarly with the same ratio as PPT.

Service UX improvements

  • You can insert a to-do list into a slide.
  • You can open the menu by right-clicking on the library and workspace screens.
  • Changed the image to be added to be inserted into the current slide.
  • Documents can be moved by non-folder and document owners.
  • Responsibilities can separate unassigned to-dos.

speed improvement

  • The animation of the asset has been minimized.
  • Fixed rendering algorithm.
  • Improved pdf file loading speed.

Fixed bugs and minor updates✨

  • Block modifications are synchronized in real-time.
  • To-do lists within the Documents page are synchronized in real-time.

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